Live Forever!

Tiada lagi nama lama ‘The Everlasting’..
Maybe sebab lagu tu macam sedih je.Rasa nak nangis pon ada dengar lagu tu…
So tukar lah nama.Jadi ‘Live Forever’ pulak…
Dengar lagu ni pun best.Inspirational.
Kalau tak best,takkan Dominic King Bagi Ulasan Camni,

-This ain’t a song, Mr Gallagher, It’s a meditation, a moan, a mantra – with a grinding, tarmac-digging, mind-cutter of a melody. Know/grows/play/pain/rain/bone all hit the 9th note over changing chords, then I/play/live/die/I/breath/I/believe/you’re/me/see all hammer the 6th above, also over shifting guitar harmonies. Every vowel sound is crushed into a nasal drone. Finally, “ever” hits a 3rd and a 6th over a flattened seventh chord – this could wake the Pharaohs.-Dominic King


Live Forever Oasis!


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